Is blogging in Nigeria profitable in 2020? What you were missing out

Blogging in Nigeria

Is blogging in Nigeria and for Nigerian profitable? Before I answer that question I got a story for you.

A couple of years ago, a young guy read about how some foreign guys were making a bulk of income online by just blogging which really meant that blogging was profitable, however, he failed to research if blogging in Nigeria is profitable as well. So he bought a domain name and hosting plan and started blogging in the technology niche. He was quite lucky during his first two months as Google AdSense approved his blog.

Unfortunately, for the next 3 months he couldn’t make up to $10 from the ads placed by Google AdSense on his blog. This led him to research further and he found out that the cost per click for visitors from Nigeria was (till now) quite low. So he decided to change his niche and went into the make money niche. He paid a writer to write a comprehensive guide for him, he converted the guide to an ebook and marketed it through his blog. Guess the result, after 3 months, he sold nothing.

Now let’s take about you, it’s not difficult for me to know that you either fall into any of the categories below

  • Someone just told you blogging is profitable and you want to know the truth.
  • You tried blogging, but the Nigeria economy seems not to favour you.
  • You are frustrated by the low CPC from AdSense.
  • Or rather, you couldn’t get your blog approved by Google AdSense.

If you fall into any of those categories, welcome! You are in the right place. However, if your case is different, consider reading on and also leaving a comment at the end of the post.

Before we continue I would love to clear your mind about the story above. That guy was I. However, things are not the same any more as I now make over #400k monthly blogging and marketing online.

Dope right? Yeah

So is blogging in Nigeria really profitable?

Make money online

The truth be said, blogging is still very profitable in Nigeria. Many bloggers only end up with bankruptcy when they do not understand the basis behind blogging.

So I would want us to get something clear, there is a difference between blogging and content marketing. Oh yes, you may call this website a blog but in the real sense it is not. 

So what is the difference?

Very simple, blogging involves giving out contents for free with the aim of displaying advert to readers while content marketing involves giving out content for free and then marketing products to them. The product could be yours or an affiliate product.

So you see the difference is in the monetization model and definitely the aim. The blog posts are actually of different formats because they convey a different message, while one ignites you to optin, the other tells you to read and click on any ads you are interested in (although indirectly).

Without failing to say that both could actually be very profitable but today we shall be talking about blogging in particular.

At this point if you haven’t started a blog yet, you can get in touch with me and let get your blog ready together because yes, blogging is profitable in Nigeria.

However, if you search for this out of frustration, hang on. I am going to share with you some vital tips that you may have ignored over time.

Tips in running a profitable blog in Nigeria

Blogging in Nigeria

Last night, I was chatting with a guy on WhatsApp (I could chat with you too if you want, just check the about me page to get my contact), he was inquiring about a profitable niche that is capable of attracting massive traffic from the United States and UK. I guess you know the reason, he wants a high CPC from AdSense. If you are thinking I would advise you to go through that lane, you are wrong.

I know of a lot of people here in Nigeria who make more than a $1000 from AdSense on a monthly basis. I didn’t mean $100, I said $1000 from AdSense. Some even make it within two weeks without writing articles all day.

So blogging in Nigeria is not a death sentence, it could really be profitable despite the low CPC, at least when you convert the dollars to naira, it is quite enormous.

So let’s dive into the tips I told you about.


If you need money to buy more data or probably to upset your rent, then go find a job. I have been blogging for over 5 years now and I can confidently tell you, it is not as quick as those probloggers tell you.

This is exactly where my blog is different, because I tell you the truth from my personal experience, not many bloggers do some. Others just lie to you in order to sell their product or get an affiliate commison from the hosting company.

So how long does it take for my blog to be profitable? Hmm, it depends on the information and skills you have in place such as SEO, digital marketing and your relationship with other bloggers. It doesn’t take me up to two month to build a profitable blog (mind you, when I said profitable, I never meant a monthly income. In the current Nigeria economy, you could estimate my saying of the word profitable to able #30,000 a month).

So it takes time, In fact, I recall that, it takes fucking time. I see many new bloggers purchase monthly web hosting plans, this is really deadly unless you already have a steady source of income because one day you would get tired of working and not reaping instantly (because if you work consistently, you would definitely reap), then you do not renew your hosting plan. You even go further to defile the threat from your web hosting provider to delete your files and before you know it you are back to point one.

Quite unlike if you had purchased a yearly plan, before a year runs out, your blog should have made you smile a couple of times if things are done rightly and this would motivate you to renew your web hosting plan. Does it make sense to you?


You see, there is only one major site in the world that had no particular niche that was operated by a few people from the beginning and that is Google. Even Facebook at a niche then before going global.

If you can’t clearly define who your readers are, you would likely not make a dime. Remember, it is a blog and not a newspaper. Pick a niche and settle down.

Oh, thank God, I just remembered something. You see a lot of bloggers pick topics and not niches, a very common instance is Technology, you may read some blogs telling you that tech is a niche but that is actually wrong, it is too large to be called a niche. Think about it, under tech you have 

  • Phone review 
  • Laptops review
  • Online banking
  • TELECOM amongst a host of others

And you would agree with me that the phone review blogs are extremely large in size, therefore it is fit to be called a niche. 

So try to get as small as possible at least for now, once you start ranking for a couple of keywords you can then expand your blog.


Many so called blogs that failed actually ran at magazine modus operandi (mode of operation). Just imagine a Muslim blogging about Christianity, it doesn’t work but you could see a Muslim journalist reporting topics that has to do with Christianity. In order words, pick a niche you are familiar with.

It may interest you to know that I am currently on my bed with my face facing the ceiling composing this post on my mobile phone. I didn’t have to go read a series of other blog posts from other blogs before coming to write this article.

That is simply because I am familiar with what I am writing about. Making money online is me and I am making money online. Lol. In fact I could give a four hour non stop seminar about it. On my YouTube history is the topic make money online, chrome history you also see the topic make money online, Facebook group make money online. So you find your “own make money online” and start blogging about it. It can even be how to write SSCE and pass with A.


A blog that is treated as an hobby would pay like an hobby

If you blog out of fun and that’s all, it would definitely pay you in a funny way. Take your blog more like a business. Get branded. In fact, I see nothing wrong with registering your blog under the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC). Don’t just go design a logo for yourself if you are not a pro, don’t be stingy, go to upwork and hire a graphic designer.

Remember blogging is business, get someone to design a nice logo that depicts your brand. I know of a lot of blogging who pay writers as high as #1500 per article. Let people be able to refer others to your blog knowing fully well that they will get maximum satisfaction. Have you ever checked out nairametrics? If you had done so you would perfectly understand what I am saying.


Over the years, I have noticed that not all rules apply to all blogs. What is working best for me now may not work out for you and in fact what is working for me now may be less than it potential. So you have to experiment using your audience, try a particular ads format, track the result and then change it. Do you know that the background colour of your could double your ads click through rate? You would never know such secrets if you are used to doing things the traditional way. So get flexible and start trying out news things on your blog, some might be a total mess while others would be worth it.


Now I know you got something new, so basically if you haven’t started blogging just know that, Yes, blogging is Nigeria is profitable and very profitable. Lol. But if you have a couple of wonderful experiences in the past years don’t give up so easily. You may be feeling like leaving content and starting your own startup like Nairabet. I felt that as well. But just know that blogging could place you at a better position to launch a startup.

Don’t forget, make sure you purchase a yearly web hosting plan to boost your morale and also invest both your resources and time to your blog just as you would do to your business.

If you get any questions or experiences, do not hesitate to use the comment box below or if you want to get more personal use the contact form HERE.

About the Author: Osayande Paul

Hi, am a blogger, copywriter and digital marketing and also a medical biochemist. I am currently the Chief Digital Marketer of Fago ventures and I also run multiple blogs on the web. I would just give what I have to offer here on consultpaul and I hope you love it. Thanks

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