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Best foreign web host for Nigeria based blogs

finally you are looking for the best foreign web host for your website, good choice and of course you are in the right place

Have you realised that using a foreign web host for your Nigeria based blog / website is better than using a local host? If you have not, you should read my post where I stated the result of my experiment on foreign web hosting vs local Nigeria web host.

Well, today I would not want to go into that topic as it would be mindless repetition. So let’s get into the topic of today. What is the best foreign host that can serve Nigeria based websites. 

Please note that our decision is made based on the following criteria

  • Pricing : Due to the depreciation of the Nigerian currency, many people find it difficult to pay as high as $80 for a web hosting plan. I know how it feels bro, I also started from scratch. Come to think of it $80 is equivalent to #34,000 which is more than the price of a bag of rice (50kg). So we actually base the price against value to give you the best.
  • Support : If you are just getting started you may not know the importance of this. Just think about it this way, your site is having some technical issues and you need your web host to resolve it as soon as possible because you are losing your visitors and suddenly there is no one to talk to you or listen to your complaint. This is very heartbreaking and if you had ever experienced it you would know the importance of hosting your website with a web host that has a standard customer support system. In fact, I always uphold customer support above pricing.
  • Bandwidth : you may have been seeing this on many web hosting pricing table. Yeah, bandwidth has to do with the amount of data your website can serve to your web visitors per hour. Definitely, a website with less than a hundred visitors a day would consume less bandwidth than a website that entertains thousands of visitors daily. So for this singular reason, I actually vote for web hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth above others.
  • Uptime and speed : Wow, I can’t believe I almost left this out. This is one of the major problems I have with local hosting companies here in Nigeria. In fact I don’t feel comfortable when I notice that my site was down for five minutes, it gives me fever. That could have been a sale gone and gone for good if you are selling a product or offering a service on your website.

So what is the best foreign web host for my website?

Well I am going to burst your bubbles, it is not bluehost. If you have been reading articles about starting a blog all over the internet, you would notice that almost all publishers recommend bluehost (even when they don’t use it. From a very reliable survey, 95% of Nigerian bloggers who recommend bluehost to their reader don’t use bluehost).

So why on Earth do they recommend it to people you may ask, very simple. If you purchase a hosting plan on bluehost via their affiliate link they will automatically earn $60. That is an unbeatable commisson, in fact other companies don’t offer up to 30% of that. So I am not going to lure you just like other folks do. I am going to be telling you the truth and I know you will thank me later.

Mind you, bluehost is still one of the top hosting companies in the world, in fact, I am also a part of their affiliate program.

So what foreign web host do you recommend?

Simple, I recommend the web host I use on this blog. Namecheap.

There are a lot of benefits attached to hosting your website with this company and come to think of it, they don’t quite pay much to their affiliate marketing, so you don’t hear about it often but trust me when I tell you that top blogs in Nigeria are hosted on namecheap. I would have loved to call names but I don’t want any issues.

So let’s come to the benefit of using namecheap, I am going to tell you from my personal experience using this particular blog you are reading, so you know I am telling the truth and you can judge for yourself.

Web hosting speed

As we all know, one of the factors that determine your ranking on google is the speed of your website or blog and most times it usually comes from the technical end.

If you already have a website, try checking its speed using gtmetrix. Here is the result of my website.

Consultpaul speed on gtmetrix

As you can see it is perfect and among the best you can find around.

Customer Support 

When it comes to customer support, I must really confess that I am more than satisfied with that of namecheap. Most times before contacting them, I even feel guilty, this is because during some of my web testing, I contact them up to six times a day. Even around 2 am, they will be there to attend to you.

They accept email and also have a live chat system that allows you get whatsoever you want done instantly.

Domain marketplace.

In fact, if you have been buying domains from other registrar’s stop it. I used to do it in the past and I now regret it. Just so that you know where exactly I am coming from, I have bought over 35 domain names in the past 2 years. And over half of them were registered outside namecheap. Now what is the disadvantage, if you register your domain outside namecheap, you would need to search for a buyer yourself if you don’t want them anymore. Most times they just go wasted like that.

So if you register a domain with namecheap, you would be able to place it for sale on their marketplace. Just imagine buying a domain for less than $10 and then selling it six months later for $150. In my own words, it is a life saver.

Multiple websites 

Have you ever seen some internet marketers hosting a single page which is usually a sales page and you wonder how on Earth they pay an hosting fee for just one page, the truth is that most of them use namecheap.

With namecheap, you would be able to host up to three websites on the lowest plan.

Unlimited bandwidth 

Hosting three viral websites on namecheap would not be a problem because they offer unlimited bandwidth for all hosting plans. So if you plan to go big, with namecheap hosting you are good to go.

And finally PRICING.

With namecheap, you can host your website with as low as $34 a year. However for the first year they give you a welcome price of up to 50% discount.

As a matter of fact, this website was cost me only $9 to host for the first year.

So lets move on, 

You now know the truth for yourself, if you have any questions, you may drops them at the comment section below and I would drop a reply in no time. However if you don’t have any you can follow the button below to go and check the current deals on namecheap. Remember the link below is taking you unique page on namecheap’s website, if you see any coupon code there make sure you write it down, if not you may have to come to this page and use the link again.

Good luck.

About the Author: Osayande Paul

Hi, am a blogger, copywriter and digital marketing and also a medical biochemist. I am currently the Chief Digital Marketer of Fago ventures and I also run multiple blogs on the web. I would just give what I have to offer here on consultpaul and I hope you love it. Thanks

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